Our Staff

Pastor Daryl Kyle

Senior Pastor
Email: daryl@ccplove.com
Life verse: Philippians 1:6

Daryl grew up in in South East San Diego as a gang member, drug dealer, and eventually a drug addict. Early Saturday morning on January 6, 1990 the Lord spoke to Daryl with two simple words, “Follow Me”, Daryl screamed back to heaven “Ok”. In that instant everything changed for Daryl and the following Sunday he went to church. However, for Daryl even though there was an inner change to his heart and mind he continued to struggle with drugs for nearly sixteen more years. Two years after receiving the Lord on February 15, 1992 Daryl was shot five times. Daryl explains, “I did not have the Christian story of getting saved and then sudden deliverance from all of my sins. In fact, my worst sins were committed after being born again. For me my walk was a roller coaster of struggling to stay clean and then relapsing on drugs. However, through it all, the Lord held on to me and in 1990 He put a desire in my heart to teach the Bible on the radio (although I did not know pastoring was part of the plan) it is the only positive desire that I have ever had my entire life.”

In spite of often feeling like the Lord did not want him, Daryl never let go of the One who never let go of him. Then one day in 2005 the Lord brought complete deliverance from the drugs and Daryl’s unhindered forward growth in the Lord began. On April 11, 2012 Perfect Love which would become Calvary Chapel Perfect Love was launched in the home of fellow founding members Jason and Jewelie Bullock. Sr. Pastor Gary Lawton of CC Santee came alongside Daryl and Pastor Mike Macintosh gave him the nod of welcome into our Calvary family. Daryl says, “Proverbs 18:16 reads, “A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men”, “Since Gary obeyed the Lord and stuck his neck out for me the Lord has surrounded me with eight great men as mentors, all church planters and all with over thirty years of ministry experience: Gary, Pat, Dave, Derek, Ray, Tony, Bryan, and Bryant thanks big brothers.”


Kimberly Kyle

Women’s Ministry
Email: kim@ccplove.com

Kimberly Kyle became a born again Christian June 8th 2001. Her miraculous deliverance from a life of debilitating sin has given her a heart of compassion and a fervent desire to see captives set free and delivered. She has assisted her husband Senior Pastor Daryl Kyle in planting Calvary Chapel Perfect Love. Where she serves as the Board Secretary for the church and leads Digging Deeper Women’s Fellowship. She has been blessed to see God faithful to restore her life, giving her and Daryl 17 children and 14 grandchildren to help build a godly legacy.


Tina Gonzaba

Email: tina@ccplove.com
Life verse: Isaiah 41:10

Tina became a born again Christian in 2011. She joined a new church in May 2012, called Perfect Love. In February 2014 Perfect Love became Calvary Chapel Perfect Love and through our sister church Calvary Chapel Santee Pastor Daryl was formally ordained. Since the beginning The Lord has called Tina to serve at CCPL as our CFO using her accounting and business skills she has been educated in. In 2014, Tina graduated from San Diego Christian College with her bachelor’s in business management. She also emphasized in Christian Ministries while in school. The Lord has also called Tina to serve in CCPL’s youth ministry. Tina has two grown children, a teenaged niece she is raising and three Grandchildren.


Tim Northup

Assistant Pastor (Kids, Music, Tech)
Email: tim@ccplove.com
Life verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

Tim was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He grew up in church, believing in the truth of the Scriptures, including the person and work of Jesus Christ. But as has been said many times, “God has no grandchildren.” During vacation Bible school the summer after fifth grade, Tim realized his need to trust in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and he placed his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through many struggles in high school and college, the Lord began softening Tim’s heart and laying a foundation for helping Tim learn to allow Jesus to be Lord in his life.

In high school and college Tim served in local churches as a worship leader and Bible study teacher. During these years, the Lord grew a great burden in Tim’s heart for the local church that he could not ignore, calling Tim to commit his life to local church ministry. Also, during this time, He met his wife, Megan, and they married in 2010. Now, the Lord moves as Megan serves as a doctor in the armed forces.

After one year in San Diego and three years in Yuma, Arizona, the Lord brought Tim and Megan back to San Diego. Along the way, the Lord has blessed them with a daughter, Gabriela, and three small dogs named Jack, Paco, and Watson. The Lord also introduced Tim and Megan to Calvary Chapel during their first stint in San Diego and the Lord invited Tim to serve within the movement. Tim currently serves at Calvary Chapel Perfect Love, assisting with a variety of ministries as needed, including kids, music, and technology.


Jason and Jewelie Bullock

Kids Ministry
Email: info@ccplove.com

In 2007 Jason was sentenced to a two-year prison term. While there, he surrendered to Jesus and the Lord saved Jason from a life of substance abuse and criminal activity. At this same time Jewelie was at U-Turn for Christ, a Christ centered drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. During this time they wrote letters back and forth, encouraging each other in the Lord. After prison Jason went straight to the Training Center a five month Christian program for men. This is where he met Daryl Kyle, who discipled him in his relationship with Jesus. The day before Jason graduated his program, he and Jewelie were married on December 19, 2009. Then came their daughter Jezebel and son Jentezen. They also have two other children, Terry and Haley who are both older. In 2012 the Lord led them to their home in Spring Valley where Calvary Chapel Perfect Love had it’s first church service in their living room.


Ivey Howard

Kids Ministry
Email: info@ccplove.com

Born in and raised on the East Coast from a strict Catholic Background. I moved to San Diego and met the love of my life. After a series of tragic events and his death, I was broken all the way down. Little did I know it would be at that point that seemed the darkest that JESUS light would break through to set me free! Jesus placed me in the CC Perfect Love family and gave me a new hope. I am now a Children’s Ministry worker where I help with the Pre-K children. I teach the children weekly the same lesson the parents are learning in the main sanctuary – equipping, building, and encouraging the kids in their relationship with Jesus gives me so much joy. CC Perfect Love is encouraging me to use my gifts and walk in my purpose it has truly become my home and can be yours too!